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Our community-led initiative seeks to decolonize spaces through digital art-interventions.

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Shared Futures, seeks to decolonize spaces connected to the colonial past in both Ghana and The Netherlands through community-led XR interventions in order to empower local communities in Elmina, Ghana, and Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Ghana was colonized by the Dutch in the seventeenth century. In 1637 the West Indian Trading Company captured Elmina Castle from the Portugese, starting an occupation of Ghana that lasted for over two centuries. Resources were extracted, and many Ghanaians were forced into slavery and transported on WIC ships to other parts of the world.

Our project tries to address this atrocious history through the lens of iconic colonial sites. We aim to build a platform from which reclamation of these spaces can be organized by local communities, for local communities, in order to create a possibility of a new shared future between The Netherlands and Ghana.

What does decolonization mean?

In order to come to a better understanding of what decolonization of colonial spaces could look like, we’re organizing The Shared Futures Lab, workshops with the local communities in Elmina, Ghana and Amsterdam, The Netherlands. During these sessions, our aim is to collectively come to an understanding of what a meaningful community driven intervention would entail and to discuss what would be necessary to transform these historical colonial spaces into spaces of hope.

In Ghana we’re focussing on Elmina Castle, a landmark colonial fortress on the coast that used to be a Dutch slave trading post, and in the Netherlands we want to look at buildings of the former West Indian Trading Company and other locations that are directly connected the colonial history.

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